About the Center

The Center came about after several Instructional Designers and Trainers were discussing the current state of the IDT field. Our staff has an average of over 10 years of experience in their respective fields. Many organizations and even other Instructional Design firms often employ IDs who do not have an academic background within the field. While it is true that many learning professionals have picked up expertise by their experiences as Trainers, Subject Matter Experts or other positions, we believe in order to be an effective Instructional Designer, one needs an academic background in educational pedagogy, including educational psychology and Instructional Design and Technologies.

We believe this formal training provides the foundation needed by learning professionals in order to be the most effective within the field. If a physician, attorney, dentist, or some other advanced professional were to have no formal training in their fields, we would be very reticent to use their services. Why is it then would employers not have a similar expectation of formal training for an Instructional Designer?

While the Center’s primary focus is to provide Instructional Design and Training services to organizations, as our commitment to ‘pay it forward’ to the learning community, we offer other ancillary services for free or at a reduced price to those currently in the field or looking to change career paths. Our primary goal for these services is not to be a profit center but rather to offer a helping hand to our colleagues within the field. Our goal in this endeavor is to empower learning professionals to offer their employers a better Return on Investment at a lower cost.




Brandon Smithbrandon

– Director of Community Outreach
– Acounts Manager

B.B.A., Business Administration
M.B.A., Management Information Systems

Brandon began as a Sales Trainer for an Atlanta-based company while also a full-time college student. By the time he had earned his MBA, Brandon had been promoted several times, the first being an Instructional Deigner and then later, a Project Manager. Brandon joined the Center in 2012 to manage the business side of the Center’s daily operations. He is tasked with cultivating productive relationships with members of the academic, governmental, and private Instructional Design & Training communities.


Cynthia Baldwin0f3b362

– Human Resources Coordinator
– Accounting and Purchasing Coordinator

B.S.B.A., Marketing

Cindi recently joined the Center in 2015 after more than 3 years as a Human Resource Specialist and 2 years as an Accounting Specialist at several Fortune 500 organizations.She works with staff to manage H.R. functions and is responsible for overseeing the billing and other accounting tasks for the Center.


Juan Rodriguez0d69cef

– Systems and Network Administrator
– Website Designer
– Social Media Guru

B.S., Information Technology

Juan joined the Center in 2012 right after graduating from college but quickly took on a leadership role in helping to guide the Center within the realm of technology needs along with current IT resources as well as future trends. Juan is the go-to-person when a piece of technology isn’t working correctly, for questions about new software or computer hardware that might be use to the staff, and for even general questions around the office such as how to get the breakroom microwave oven to properly pop a bag of popcorn.




– Instructional Designer
– Voice Over Talent

Licenciatura en Sistemas Computacionales
Maestría en Ciencias – Educación

Maria graduated from a leading university in Mexico City and began her career developing Compliance Training for a multinational logistics company. After nearly 8 years in her prior role, Maria joined the Center in 2013. She specializes in Compliance Training and ERP systems. In addition, she develops training content in both English and Spanish. She is also part of the Center’s Voice Over Talent Team.


Christopher GardnerChris2

– Senior Instructional Designer
– Technical Trainer
– Project Manager
– LMS Administrator

B.S., Computer Science
M.S., Instructional Design & Technology

Chris began his career in training as an undergraduate while working in the university’s computer labs. He later went on to serve for many years as a Training Manager, leading teams of Instructional Designers and Technical Trainers for a large county library system. Once Chris decided to return to the corporate world, he spent several years working for several leading Fortune 100 organizations such as American Express and UPS. Chris joined the Center in 2012 and specializes in developing technical training as well as leading the Instructional Design and Training team.


Bryan Powell1daade8

– Multimedia & Graphic Designer
– Certified Technical Trainer
– Voice Over Talent

B.S., Digital Art & Design

Bryan is easily considered to be the most artistic and creative member of the team. He has provided graphics and multimedia content for many of the design projects since he began his career at the Center in 2012.


Elizabeth Sampson

– Instructional Designer
– Certified Trainer
– Voice Over Talent

B.A., History and Education
M.S., Instructional Technology

Beth started out as a high school History teacher. After several years shaping young minds to appreciate the importance of American history, she decided to pursue a graduate degree somehow relating to Technology. She wanted to be more aware of new technologies, especially how she could leverage technology to better support her students. After receiving her degree in Instructional Technology, she accepted a new position with a national non-profit organization as an Instructional Designer. Beth joined the Center in 2013 and specializes in developing training content covering Customer Service and Leadership Development.

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