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The Center for Instructional Design & Training strives to be very different from other firms. Our primary goal is to further the IDT community and to promote a better design process and higher quality deliverables for Instructional Design & Training projects.

In addition, the Center has established this website to promote the the use of Instructional Design professionals who have the requisite skills and academic foundation to offer employers a superior experience and to increase such factors as Return on Investment and better Cost-Benefit Ratios for their organizations. We believe to be most effective and efficient, training content needs to be developed using problem-solving, scenario-based solutions that force learners to be active participants in the learning process.


Training & Development Solutions

Instructional Design Services

The Center’s primary focus of the organization is to work with organizations to develop and deliver superior training content. We work with organizations both large and small to on meeting the training needs of their learners. Our IDs work with project managers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to analyze the needs of the learner, to design and develop training content, and to provide the best implementation strategy for your learners.

Our IDs strive to develop superior content but at the same time, they are proficient in conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis to ensure that instructional strategies and development costs are in alignment with the Return on Investment for your organization.

Unlike other organizations, we provide the cost (as listed per hour) for our services here on our website. We have categorized the pricing structure below to align with the standard Four Levels of Interactivity formula. When we conduct a Needs Analysis for a project, we provide the cost for each project for one or more levels so your organization can decide exactly how elaborate or interactive in which your training content is to be developed.

Pricing Structure

Level One Descr Example 1 Examples 1 Cost example 1

IDT-Related Training Courses

Ancillary Services Offered by the Center

Event Directory

The Center offers a free listing of conferences, workshops and other events related to IDT. To have your event(s) added to the Center’s directory, please contact the Center.


The Center’s staff has compiled a list of frequent terms used within the IDT field. Many graduate students and others entering the field use the IDTopedia to find IDT terms as part of their professional growth within the field. The IDTopedia frequently displays in the top 3 results on Google for Instructional Design terms.

Job Bank

The Center offers a Job Bank for Instructional Design and Training professionals throughout the United States. Unlike other organizations which might charge hundreds of dollars per ad, the Center charges only enough to help defray administrative costs. As part of this service, the Center uses social media and email distribution lists to share new job postings with a targeted demographic. A common complaint made about the large employment websites is that an employer often has to sort through hundreds of non-qualified applicants for an IDT position. In the converse, most visitors to the Center’s Job Bank have the desired qualifications and experiences desired by employers. This translates to significantly fewer non-qualified applicants applying for a position via the Center’s Job Bank.

School Directory

The Center has compiled and maintains an exhaustive directory of university programs related to Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Adult Education. The directory is broken down by state and lists each school’s degree programs as well as links and faculty contact information. If you’re a member of a related university program and wish to have your school added, please contact us. This is another free service the Center provides for both the schools and prospective students.

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